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Cuttlefish is a social network organized as a profit-sharing cooperative. Our mission is to create a financially sustainable, ad-free, and community-centered online space. Read more →

  • Never ads or tracking
  • Granular, per-post privacy settings
  • Rich block and muting tools
  • Chronological timelines
  • 140 characters per post
  • Open API for apps and services

Cuttlefish is built using Mastodon, a social networking software that takes power away from any one corporation and distributes it among many federated communities. Whichever community you choose to make your home with, you can communicate with anyone else in a Mastodon-based community.

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$10/month Membership*
* After operating costs, profit is redistributed back to active Cuttlefish members quarterly.

Membership fees contribute to:

  • Community development and moderation staff
  • Hosting, infrastructure and ongoing operating costs
  • Maintaining and developing software
  • Contributing to open-source projects